Avoid Renting to the "Undesirable Tenant"

Maintain quality housing to attract desirable tenants.

Maintaining quality housing will attract quality tenants and reduce the chances that you will rent to undesirable tenants.

So often we are asked how to avoid renting to the “undesirable tenant”.  Although there really is no clear-cut answer to this or a list of undesirable tenants there are some things that you can do to prevent renting to the less desirable tenant.

Maintain quality housing.  Having a clean unit with quality features including neatly maintained landscaping, flooring, lighting and fresh paint can make all the difference in attracting the tenant you desire.

Make sure all potential tenants fill out the same application no matter how they present themselves.

Have all potential tenants fill out the same application regardless of how they present themselves.

Screen applicants. Don’t be swayed. That person that may present themselves so well being nicely dressed and well-spoken might have a laundry-list of creditors after them, several evictions or even a criminal record. With that being said, make sure that everyone on the lease have their credit and criminal background checks regardless of how they present themselves.

Check the facts on every potential tenant's application.

Verify the facts on the application. Call the tenants employers and past landlords for references.

Fact check. The bottom line is that people can mislead you when they want something and you have the power to reject them. Verify everyone’s employment and call they’re past landlords.

Take a copy of every applicant's photo ID's.

Make sure that you get copies of the applicant’s photo ID. People will try to pull a fast one and have someone move in that is different than the person that actually filled out the application.

Require a copy of a driver’s license, state ID or other valid photo ID along with the completed rental application. Talk to experienced landlords and they’ll tell you that they’ve had the old bait and switch attempted on them. The person that goes to move into the unit is not the same person that you showed it to or the person that you had fill out the application. Without that photo ID how would you prove it?

Ultimately, no matter how many screenings and precautions you take trying to find the right tenant, you never know but treat everyone the same. For additional assistance running credit and criminal checks, visit us online.

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