Meet the Team

Having been involved in the rental real estate industry for over 25 years, RPI property management company has grown for the duration of this time, and in 2008 established OneSource Integrated Property Services.

Growing out of the need to maintain, improve, and rehab RPI apartments while providing tenants with phone support and repair response, and lacking anyone that could meet these needs, RPI used its industry experience to build its own repair and maintenance group.

Over the years, the OneSource team of cross-trained technicians and service staff has fine-tuned its services by adding equipment, man-power, and training. With technicians that are tailored to handle a wide array of problems that may be incurred while maintaining properties, OneSource services are now available to landlords, property managers, real estate investors and agents.

As the only contractor with the infrastructure and experience to offer this unique service package, the benefits are both financial and personal.