Frequently Asked Questions

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1. What is OneSource?

OneSource Integrated Property Services provides landlords, property managers, real estate investors and real estate agents with convenient, maintenance, repair and operational support—all in one place.

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2. What do you mean by ‘Integrated Property Services?’

OneSource doesn’t offer repair and support services independently of one another; instead, we offer our clients both repair and support services to meet their full property management needs.

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3. What makes OneSource different from other contractors?

OneSource is different from other contractors in that we are also landlords and real estate investors who specialize in all aspects of the business, from being repair service providers to property management consultants and educators with over 25 years of experience in the real estate industry.

OneSource offers:

  • a physical office that our clients can come to for face-to-face service
  • after-hours service and phone support
  • specialization in repair, maintenance and support services
  • specialization in repairs rather than replacement
  • technicians that do not receive an incentive to up-sell jobs but for job satisfaction
  • utilizing only cross-trained technicians and tradesmen to bundle various jobs as one call
  • service request accepted by text, e-mail or phone and we are able to accept pictures
  • before and after pictures for jobs of concern such as how damage was caused for landlord reference
  • repair expenses that are itemized to government tax booklet and accountant needs
  • able to handle peak volume due to our unique infrastructure
  • a low service turnover due to having continuous employment for employees and sub-contractors

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4. What can you tell me about your service offerings?

OneSource services are separated into two divisions: Repair Services and Support Services.

Repair Services consist of service calls, apartment turnovers and residential rehabs and renovations and property inspection report repairs.

Support Services were established to assist in managing the operation of the rental real estate investment business from the ground up without having to make an investment in your own infrastructure. OneSource offers support services such as:

  • Real estate consulting services
  • Referral network
  • Debt collection
  • Credit and criminal checks
  • Landlord-on-vacation coverage
  • Tenant call support
  • OneSource Real Estate University

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5. How do I request your services?

  1. Call us at 412-848-1953
  2. Email us at
  3. Fill out the service request form on our website.
  4. Stop by our office at 409 North Avenue.

Our central dispatcher will always contact you to confirm your service request.

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6. What are your service hours?

Our repair service hours are 9am – 5pm with after-hours emergency services. In addition, our support services can be scheduled according to your availability.

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7. How much does your service cost?

We offer savings with different types of repairs billed at different rates, including:

  • Technical Repairs: Heating, Cooling, Plumbing, Electrical
  • Handyman Repairs: Painting and Patching and other minor home repairs billed at a lower rate
  • Fixed Cost Repairs: Installation of Home Mechanicals, Rehabs and Renovations, Whole Apartment Turnovers

Other service providers charge for their services per “event” so if you need multiple items addressed you are charged for each with a pre-set fixed cost per “event” even if they are all same trade related and done as one call. For example of other companies plumbing call:

$199 reset commode
$149 replace tub spout
$99 remove sink trap
$49 adjust water temperature
Total Bill: $496

At OneSource we roll all of your technical service needs into one call priced at $99 for the first hour and $45 per additional half hour no matter how many “events” you have which could result in cost saving you up to 50%.

For more details, call us at 412-848-1953.

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8. Are OneSource support services free?

OneSource provides support services to its clients for free on a case by case basis. However when support services come at a cost of the use of our resources, we will negotiate a nominal fee for these services.

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9. What is a virtual assistant?

Some of our clients have established relationships with their current service vendors and want to keep that relationship intact. OneSource offers the service of scheduling service with these client service providers and tenants on behalf of clients.

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10. Is OneSource for everyone?

Yes! It’s the ideal alternative for real estate investors such as property management companies and landlords that want to grow their business without investing in their own infrastructure to provide this specialized service.

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11. What do clients have to overcome?

We find that clients have to overcome their comfort zone of only working with resources in their inner circle and branch out to other new alternatives that can be more beneficial in growing their business even improving their quality of lifestyle.

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12. Does OneSource offer property management?

OneSource does not provide tenant rent collection and related administrative services outside the repair and support services we have identified. However, OneSource does collaborate through joint venture partnerships with property management companies that do provide these administrative services. We check the quality of service that these providers offer before we refer our clients so as to ensure that they will receive the highest quality services available.

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