Summer Heat Property Maintenance Tips

As we roll into August, which represents the tail end of summer and the hottest part of the year, there are a few maintenance items you should keep in mind to ensure your properties are running at peak performance and keeping tenants happy.



Replace air conditioner filters. The air filter on your heating and cooling system needs to be replaced somewhere between every 1-3 months to keep the air in the home clean and flowing freely. Forgetting to change the filter can cause a strain on the air conditioner, causing it to work harder, and potentially create bigger problems.



Test your smoke detectors. You typically want to do this once a quarter.

Check windows and doors for proper sealing. Replace weather-stripping as needed. Once temperatures drop you won’t want to be caught weather-stripping in the cold.



Clean the fridge. Use a vacuum with a narrow nozzle to clean condenser coils on the back and underneath your refrigerator. This will both extend the life of your appliances and lower your utility bills.




Continue regular lawn maintenance. Keep up with cutting the grass. If the weather dries up and starts to dry out the grass, you might want to consider watering it from time to time. While you’re at it make sure that you are also maintaining bushes and weeds. Neglecting this maintenance may lead to fines.




Take a quick look at the gutters. Although the majority of maintenance will come in the fall, now is the prime time to ensure that you don’t have debris built up providing the perfect environment for weeds to grow.



Enjoy the remainder of summer while it is still with us. But in the midst of all that summer fun, do not let your property maintenance fall by the wayside.

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